iPhone Visual Notification Added in iOS 5

iPhone Visual Notification Added in iOS 5

Add blinking notification to your iPhone 4

If you were a Blackberry user before switching to an iPhone, you probably remember the red flashing notification light. Depending on how you had your alerts set up, this blinking light in the upper right corner of your phone would notify you of any new message / email / missed phone call / etc. while you were away.

After I switched over to the iPhone, I definitely missed this feature. I am not always at my desk and when I am busy, I may be engrossed in the project I am working on at the time. Little did I know that I missed a very important phone call while I stepped away from my desk. Sure, I could check my phone every time I am away from it to see if there is something I missed, but who remembers to do that?

With the new iOS 5 and an iPhone 4+, you can now utilize this notification feature! The LED flash can be set to notify you of any new messages by simply accessing the Settings > General > Accessibility. There will be a section for “LED Flash for Alerts”. Slide this ON and the next time you return from the copier and missed a call, you’ll know to check your iPhone.

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