Take control of your outgoing email with Mandrill

Take control of your outgoing email with Mandrill

Have you ever had trouble sending email using your default SMTP mail server? Or ever wondered how many people actually received your email and opened it? Perhaps you are running an e-commerce website and transactional emails could be the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity.


One possible solution would be to sign up for Mandrill.


From the creators of MailChimp, Mandrill is an email infrastructure service that provides SMTP services and analytics tools to help gain insight into your everyday task of sending emails. Learn how many of your emails have been delivered, bounced or rejected, how many were opened and/or what was clicked.

Not convinced?

Their pricing structure is clearly laid out with your first 12,000 emails per month always being free. After your first 12k, you pay on a per-thousand-email basis starting at $.20 per thousand. For everyday emails, you would be hard pressed to reach 12k emails sent per month. If you were to link it to your MailChimp or e-commerce account for your mailing lists and transactional emails, you could then exceed the limit. But for the price, you really can’t go wrong.

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