Hosting Plans – Introducing Softaculous

Hosting Plans – Introducing Softaculous

Server Updates

Today our servers were updated with the latest versions of system, security and control panel updates. One of these updates may affect your account … but in a good way! All of our hosting accounts have been upgraded from Fantastico to Softaculous!

Fantastico was a great system to allow you to easily install a wide variety of scripts to your website with the click of a button. However, since these software development companies said that is not updated as frequently, many of the scripts were needing to be manually updated to keep up with security fixes. Thus we are upgrading our packages to Softaculous!

All of your favorite scrips are still available: WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, Magento, Gallery, Zen Cart and 250+ others just waiting at your fingertips!

Current Fantastico Users

If you have already installed a script using Fantastico, you will need to sync those installations with Softaculous. The steps are below:

  1. Log into your Control Panel
  2. Click on the Softaculous under the Software section
  3. In the upper right corner there is a Synchronize with other Auto Installers icon (orange sync logo). Click that icon. Note: you will only need to do this once
  4. Click on the checkbox to the right of the scripts you wish to sync to Softaculous
  5. Click the Sync / Import button

Once complete, you will be able to manage your scripts under the All Installations section (crate icon in upper right). This is where you will go to upgrade or remove currently script installations.

If you have any questions or trouble upgrading your scripts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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